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  • Contains powerful doses of Synephine, Caffeine, Green Tea & Chromium Picolinate
  • Meets GMP & HACCP Standards
  • FairPlay & DopeFree certified
  • DietBurn Tablets are a less intense alternative to our Fightline Xtreme Fat Burners which work by targeting fat loss from your fat stores rather than from your valuable muscle stores.

These tablets can be more readily used over a longer term for continued fat loss as they have less kick than the Xtreme Burners. It is more suitable to people who have less of a tolerance to strong stimulents.

DietBurn is especially popular with women & people who prefer taking fat burners over a longer period of time to get a more continuous level of loss of body fat.
The innovative and effective ingredients that we have combined are a great compliment to a solid lifestyle diet & training plan.

Contains potent doses of Synephine, Caffeine, Green Tea & Picolinate Chromium. Meets GMP & HACCP FairPlay & DopeFree certified bottle has 120 tablets


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