About Us

BSG was formed as a result of my own fitness journey and my dedication to help others help themselves. We also decided that whilst helping others we would help our local children’s hospice (Keech Hospice) and as a result we donate at least 10% of out net profits to Keech. We have so far raised in excess of £30,000 for Keech since August 2017.

BSG specializes in helping over 30’s achieve their health and fitness goals.

BSG understand that the body and mind generally works differently when you are over 30 than during your teenage years and in your 20’s and therefore tailor our products to reflect this. We recognise the pressures from life that may inhibit one from focusing on their own health and well-being and therefore we are completely dedicated to helping the people we serve.

We will do everything we can to provide you with the best equipment, nutrition and knowledge to help you achieve the GAINZ you have set in your goals! This is reflected in our mission statement and our core values:


We are dedicated to improving the health and well-being of our clients through delivering the highest quality of products and highest level of customer service.


1) We value the ideal that age is not a barrier to improving health and well-being;

2) We value the ideal that every person is unique and their health, personal to them;

3) We value the use of the latest scientific knowledge to assist in the improvement of the above;

4) We value working to empower women and men to meet their health and well-being goals;

5) We value the highest standards in customer service for our clients;

6) We value the strength in community spirit and that our community can inspire one another with their own experiences that have assisted them in improving their own health and well-being.

If you have any stories to share about your health and fitness journey, please feel free to contact us in the contact us section and we will include it in our blog! Many thanks for all your support!